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Grocery Frozen Foods

International Dairy, Deli, Bakery Association
The IDDBA Web Site..

The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association is uniquely positioned as an all-industry trade association, representing the interests of every segment of the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods industry, check out nffa.org for more information..

The Food Institute
Delivers insights on new products, crop markets, legislation, customer demographics, mergers, food industry statistics, competitors and market trends and more! For more more information click here..

The Ohio Grocers Association
The OGA Web Site..


Click here to learn more about Military commissaries..

Home page for everything related to Military Research and Development Activities in food and foodservice..

United States Air Force
Click here to visit the official website of the U.S. Air Force..

United States Army
Click here for the official site of the U.S. Army. Features news and information on the organization, operations, career management, how to support the troops..

United States Coast Guard
Click here to visit the official web page of the U.S. Coast Guard..

United States Marines
Click here to go to the official Marine Corps web site. Includes information on recruiting, units, careers, and more..

United States Navy
Click here to visit the official site of the US Navy..

Warrior Transition Program
JTM proudly supports the Warrior Transition program. To visit their homepage, click here..


National Association of College & University Food Service. The NACUFS Web Site..

National Association of Convenience Stores
The NACS Web site..

National Restaurant Association
The NRA's Web Site..

Professional Chefs Association
For more information please visit Professionalchef.com..

Research Chefs Association
The RCA's Web Site..

Senior Resource Alliance
A complete support solution for senior living service providers. Visit SRAnet.org for more information..


Another great resource for commodity information..

K12 Food Service
Check your commodity balances at K12 Food Service..

An overall guide to smart nutrition..

The School Nutrition Association homepage..

USDA Agricultural Marketing Service
Information about AMS Puchases..

USDA Commodity Food Network - "One-Stop"
Click here for your one-stop site for everything commodity related..