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JTM Food Group in Deloitte Cincinnati USA 100
Manufactures processed frozen meat, bakery goods.

Pharmacy degree yields to 'meaty career'
Joe Maas contends that if you surveyed a hundred people 20 or 30 years into successful careers, half might say they aren’t doing professionally what they studied in college. Joe himself is Exhibit A -- trained to supply pharmaceuticals to the sick, yet dedicated to supplying hamburgers to the hungry..

JTM Food Group Takes First Place and Claims the Ultimate Prize “The Golden Pallet” at Global LogistXGames
HARRISON, OH – SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 – Today, at the Global LogistXGames in Louisville, KY, JTM Food Group, one of Cincinnati’s fastest growing private companies, took the ultimate honor of first place..

Food Service

Healthy Foundation
JTM Food Group plans to use its position as a recognized supplier of nutritional protein options as a launching pad into growth across foodservice, co-packing and retail channels..

Appetite grows for JTM meat
So Harrison plant expands, modernizes to meet demand - There's nothing small about a daily operation that crumbles up to 125 tons of bulk meat into bite-size pieces, cooks it, drains the fat, then transports the product three stories high across the street for a quick-freeze and storage..


JTM Food group and Culinary Standards Announcement
JTM Food Group and Culinary Standards announced today that the companies have signed an agreement for JTM to acquire the school operations of RSW Distributors, dba, Culinary Standards, subject to completion of JTM's due diligence and at JTM's sole discretion. The acquisition agreement includes all intangible assets of Culinary's school business including brand names, trademarks, formulations, recipes, goodwill, etc..