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Restaurant Products & Nutrition

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Appetizer Dips
Buffalo Chicken Dip47570
Buffalo Chicken Dip Bowl47910
Craft Ale Blue Cheese Dip75570
Craft Beer Cheese Dip75390
Spicy Sausage and Cheese Dip47690
Spinach Artichoke Dip75440
Spinach Artichoke Dip Bowl75910
Asian Sauce
Sweet Chili Sauce73480
Bakery Rolls & Buns
10" Original Hoagie Roll 48ct959
12" Original Hoagie Roll 48ct961
12" Sub Shop Roll 48ct930
12" Vito Italian Hoagie Bun 48 ct92130
4.25" Honey Butter Kaiser Bun 96ct91010
4.25" Kaiser Bun 96ct966
5" Vito Honey Butter Bun 64ct91040
5" Vito Kaiser Bun 64ct91050
6" Original Hoagie Roll 96ct996
7" Baguette Hoagie Roll 72ct916
7" Crunchy Crust Roll 72ct962
7" Italian Hoagie Roll 72ct969
8" Crunchy Crust Roll 72ct926
8" Original Hoagie Roll 72ct995
8" Original Hoagie Roll 72ct982
8" Original Hoagie Roll 72ct946
8" Vito Original Hoagy Bun 72ct977
9" Crunchy Crust Hoagie Roll 60ct936
Beef Bar-B-Q44010
Cajun Chicken Bar-B-Q44060
Hot and Spicy Chicken45180
Pork Bar-B-Q44020
Boneless Ribs
6" Grillin' Rib62060
Original Vito 7.5" Breadstick 100ct967
Creamed Ground Beef46090
Maple Sausage Patty66190
Old Fashioned Pork Sausage Gravy46030
Pork Sausage Gravy46020
Turkey Breakfast Patty66370
2.5 oz. (approx) Brewhouse Burger63950
3 oz. (approx) Brewhouse Burger63900
3.5 oz. (approx) Brewhouse Burger63960
4 oz. (approx) Brewhouse Burger63910
Jalapeno Pepperjack Signature Beef Patty63210
Large Signature Beef Patties63330
Medium Signature Beef Patties63270
Mini Beef Patty63780
Premium Beef Patty w/Mushrooms63940
Signature Beef Patty (2oz M/MA)63770
Chef's Hot Dog Chili Sauce41060
Chili Con Carne41190
Cincy Style Chili43070
Hot Dog Chili Sauce 41020
Old Fashioned Chili with Beans43140
Premium Chili with Beans43570
Texas Jack's Chili43030
White Chicken Chili (Low Fat)43320
Classic Entrees
Premium Beef Stew47330
Reduced Sodium Chicken Pot Pie Filling47450
Condensed Soups
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Condensed)47050
Condensed Chicken Noodle Soup47440
Condensed Cream of Broccoli Soup74150
Condensed French Onion Soup74160
Condensed Potato Soup with Bacon74140
Creamy Potato Soup (Condensed)74020
Creamy Tomato Bisque (Condensed)74010
Beef Crumbles47860
Italian Sauces
Alfredo Sauce75010
Marinara Sauce722
Meat Sauce45010
Premium Alfredo Sauce75290
Reduced Fat & Sodium Beef Spaghetti Sauce45110
1 oz. Cecilia's Meatball64284
1 oz. Chicken Meatballs64340
1/2 oz. Cecilia's Meatball64283
Mexican Sauces
Queso Blanco Sauce75150
Queso Blanco Sauce75340
Bavarian Pretzel Sandwich Bun91100
Bavarian Pretzel Stick96100
Pretzel Bites91130
Sauces & Gravies
Cheddar Cheese Sauce75140
Jalapeno White Cheese Sauce75550
Mushroom Flavored Sauce71010
Reduced Fat & Sodium Cheese Sauce75240
Three Cheese Sauce75510
Sides & Entrees
Cheesecake Filling77700
Cinnamon Apples77130
Mac & Cheese79240
Premium Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese79060
Three Cheese White Mac & Cheese79280
Sloppy Joe
Beef Sloppy Joe44120
Hot Honey Sloppy Joe44040
Reduced Fat Beef Sloppy Joe44260
Steak Hoagies
6" Beef Hoagie60250
6" Beef Hoagie (Seasoned)60450
8" Beef Hoagie60470
8" Beef Hoagie (Au Jus)60350
8" Beef Hoagie (Lean)60440
8" Beef Hoagie (Seasoned)60320
8" Beef Hoagie (Zesty)60310
8" Steakhouse Beef Hoagie60380
Taco & Burrito Fillings
Beef Barbacoa44510
Buffet Taco Filling42060
Chorizo con Papas42320
Cilantro Lime Chicken42130
Fully Cooked Beef Taco Filling42010
Fully Cooked Shredded Chicken Taco Filling (Low Fat)42250
Fully Cooked Steak Ranchero42350
Reduced Fat & Sodium Beef Taco Filling42620
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