Founded in 1960 by Jack Maas, Sr., JTM originated as Maas Brothers Meats and in 1974 was renamed Jack Maas Meats. To be reflective of the continued growth of the business, in 1980 the company became known by its present name—JTM Food Group.


Since the company’s inception, it has truly been a family business with participating members including JoAnn and Jack Sr. (Mom and Dad) and their seven children, Jack Jr., Mike, Mary Lou, Joe, Tony, Kathy and Jerry, in addition to the recent involvement of 15 grandchildren. And keeping it in the family, the initials “J, T, and/or M” are part of each family member’s monogram!


Jack Maas Sr.’s founding principles of dedication, faith, hard work and family continue to embody the JTM spirit and commitment to excellence.



JTM Company Timeline

Worldwide Vision. Butcher Shop Principles.



Delhi Horn of Plenty is founded – 1961

Jack Maas Sr. and his brother begin serving the communities of western Cincinnati.




Delhi Horn of Plenty becomes Maas Brothers Meats - 1970

Jack Maas Sr. & his brother Dick change the name to Maas Brothers Meats.




Maas Brothers Meats is renamed Jack Maas Meats – 1972

After continued growth Jack Maas Sr. renames Maas Brothers Meats to Jack Maas Meats and moves to a new location on Delhi Pike.




J.T.M. Provisions Opens for Business – 1980

Jack Maas Sr. sees an opportunity selling products at restaurants and grocery retailers under J.T.M. Provisions,  (A federally inspected meat processing facility) using the same butcher quality and consistency Jack Maas Meats had been known for. (using original store location 4300 Delhi Pike) (1,800 square foot operation)




J.T.M. Provisions opens a new facility in Harrison, OH – 1983

Jack Maas Sr. and his 12 person workforce (half were Maas family members) move operations to a new 16,000 square foot facility in Harrison, OH. ($1 million dollar loan)




The Second Generation Takes Charge – 1988

Jack Maas Sr. sells his ownership shares to his sons.




JTM Buys Vito’s Bakery to Compliment Steak Hoagie Sales – 1991

JTM purchases the highly successful Vito’s bakery line and begins selling hoagie rolls as a compliment to the JTM steak hoagie patties.




JTM enters the Military Food Service Arena – 1992

JTM begins selling its products to various branches of the United States military.




JTM enters the School Food Service Arena – 1993

JTM begins selling its products to regional school districts.




Jack Maas Sr. Passes - 1995

Founder, Jack Maas Sr., died leaving the business to completely run by his four sons and all six living children.




Bakery Renovations and Product Line Extension – 1998

JTM completes a bakery renovation and extends its product line to include kaiser buns and breadsticks.




JTM adds new Kettle Line Operation – 2001

Looking to the future, JTM invests in a state-of-the art kettle operation with the ability to produce sauces, soups, chilis and fillings to various food service segments.




New Automated Distribution Freezer – 2003

JTM expands its freezer capacity building a new 10,000 pallet automated shipping and receiving freezer.




JTM is converted to 100% Fully Cooked Facility – 2005

To increase product safety JTM converts to a completely fully-cooked food processing facility.




JTM Looks to the Future with New Production and Distribution Facility – 2017

JTM builds a new 100 million lb annual production facility and 15,000 pallet automated distribution freezer.
































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