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Our Core


We have always operated our business to minimize the impact on our planet because caring for the environment is a priority at J.T.M. Food Group. J.T.M. is family-owned and operated the way our founder, Jack Maas Sr., taught us. We run the business with our customers’ best interests as guiding principles. We have always believed it is in the best interest of all of us to be good stewards of the environment.


J.T.M. is a multi-million dollar, multi-faceted food processing company with strong ties to the communities in which we operate. Over the past decade, the company has stepped up its efforts in environmental sustainability in ways that better serve our communities. Simply put, we have been practicing sustainability long before it became fashionable to do so. We are in the sustainability business for the long haul.


Packaging Products Responsibly


J.T.M. began its transition to reduced packaging as part of our initiative toward environmental sustainability. We began when the company switched packages containing kettle-cooked products from an 80 gram polyethylene tub to a 17 gram bag. These products are now packaged in die cut boxes reducing packaging by 20%. The corrugated containers J.T.M. uses are made from 30% recycled content. The retail division changed its packaging from a 196 gram corrugated box to a 27 gram bag. These changes have resulted in source reductions in packaging materials.


Recycling for Landfill Reduction

  • Waste Oil
  • Food Waste
  • Corrugated and Office Paper Waste
  • Wood Pallets
  • Ferrous Metals
  • Plastic Cups
  • Used Batteries
  • Used Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Employ Reusable Trays
  • Converted to Bulk Flour (reducing waste by 60,000 lbs. per year)


Energy Reduction


J.T.M. looks for state-of-the-art energy management tools to reduce its use of precious, and costly, energy.

  • Converted Metal Halide Lights to New T5 Lights
  • Use Geothermal Refrigeration, which uses 30% less electricity
  • Utilize Automated Storage Retrieval System in Storage Freezer, reducing refrigeration energy requirements by 30%
  • Use Waste Heat from Freezers


For Generations to Come


Our family knows the health of our environment today is really a commitment to future generations. The leadership at J.T.M. believes the steps we take now will leave our planet in better condition for generations to come.